The Technology

The company incorporates in its proprietary method of production the natural extraction; a novel technology that has shown great potential for improving the effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of its bioactive compounds in the stratum corneum

In this way the formulas achieve better and faster delivery system of the herbal nutrients   to the skin without losing their full potency at any stage during product development

These promising results have allowed us to develop a line of galenical formulations for different skin applications. Positive results have been achieved to a variety of skin disorders particularly in the area of women’s health

Our Company

Benostan started in 1985 by a group of Gynecologists  to study the skin alterations during pregnancy.

The company has dedicated over 25 years to clinical research on the beneficial action of plants and especially of the olive oil on the skin.

Benostan has both the aim and the mission to develop novel therapeutic products which address effectively and naturally skin problems relating to Womens Health, Gynecology and Dermatology.

Our goal is to provide solutions to specific skin need naturally, as well as to solve skin problems  on all aspects of women’s life cycle.

Our approach is based on  ethnic, hereditary , and age characteristics in the skin and that allows us provide targeted, market specific and safer solutions to our partners worldwide.

Our technology allow our formulas to deliver action comparable to pharmaceutical molecules in a way that compliments and strengthens pharmaceutical prescription forms.