Research and Innovation

The herbal therapeutic Benostan products are based on pure herbal ingredients and supported by long clinical research programs and alliances with universities in throughout the world.

The company incorporates in its proprietary method of production the natural extraction; a novel technology that has shown great potential for improving the effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of its bioactive compounds in the stratum corneum.

The company uses specific penetration enhancers for the permeation of its active compounds via the intercellular skin lipid matrix into the stratum corneum, subsequently altering the intercellular lipid lamellae within this skin layer.

In this way the formulas achieve better and faster delivery system of the herbal nutrients   to the skin without losing their full potency at any stage during product development.

These promising results have allowed us to develop a line of galenical formulations for different skin applications. Positive results have been achieved to a variety of skin disorders particularly in the area of women’s health.



The method of slow, natural extraction

Moreover, Benostan has developed and perfected in its laboratories an exclusive method of handling raw materials, avoiding the use of ready-made, packaged extracts sold in the market.

The method of slow, natural extraction produces a concentrate of excellent purity and effectiveness, since it protects and utilizes the active ingredients (anti-oxidants, vitamins, etc.) of every plant.


Benostan Scientific UK

Benostan Scientific UK, is an affiliated company of Benostan Health Products SA and its main goal is to provide scientific support during the development of new products.  In particular, Benostan Scientific’s dedicated staff  organize clinical research (in vitro & in vivo) for existing and new products, provide innovation consulting (i.e. Intellectual Property management) and consultation on areas relevant to Benostan Health Product’s core market ( Women’s Health )

Benostan Scientific has been incorporated in London U.K. in order to leverage European academic excellence in scientific research.  To this extent, Benostan Scientific has already partnered with scientists affiliated with Exeter College ( Oxford University ) and the Technical University of Athens.


Benostan: naturally and ecologically

Benostan guarantees the quality and purity of its products as it imposes strict controls over the whole of the production process.

The quality and effectiveness of a herbal, therapeutic or cosmetic product is a result of the careful selection of the raw materials, as well as the extraction and production process.

Benostan products are made with ingredients from specific geographic areas in Greece, selected for their ability to produce organically-grown herbs of high quality and effectiveness, such as the fruit, the leaves and the oil of the olive, as well the plants of thyme, hypericum, rosemary, sage and calendula among others.